Monday, April 18, 2011

Ethics & Issues 11-1

Yes,  I believe I work harder when someone is watching. However I think it also depends who is doing the watching and how they are doing it. If they are watching and you are struggling with some problem, they can help you solve the problem.
I think that the Hawthorne Effect had some good points. It said in the text that the study discovered that productivity had improved during observation, whether the conditions were made better or worse. I think that the conditions and the environment also determine how hard people work.
Such observation is ethical to a degree. If you are misusing company equipment in some way, the employers can find out by monitoring you. However if you are doing nothing wrong, then your privacy is being taken away and you feel as though your superiors do not trust you.
If productivity increases during observation, then observation is a good data gathering technique in a system study. By observing employees performing their jobs, employers can know how you work, your work ethic, and how you use company time. Too much observation or too little can hinder the productivity of companies. A  moderate amount of observation would work just fine.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Search Sleuth

The top five words that are among the most commonly used passwords are 123456, password, 12345678, lifehack, and qwerty. It is too easy for hackers to get into accounts and send viruses. It is easy to remember and does not require too much thought to crack the code and figure out the password. The passwords are too weak and not a random jumble of letters. For more information please go to

Email messages with the subject lines " Sending You All My Love" "Laughing Kitty, " and " You've Received a Postcard from a Family Member" are inviting. You open them because it is from someone you know or it looked interesting and then it turns out to be a virus. A way to protect your computer from viruses to have antivirus software and update it when it needs to be. Please go to for more information.

T'ai Chi, yoga, and the Alexander technique might offer some relief to computer users suffering from repetitive strain injury. Repetitive strain injury affects muscles, tendons and nerves in the hands, upper back and arms. It can happen because of staying in one place too long without getting up to stretch and take a break from the computer screen. For more information about repetitive strain injury go to

The purpose of a gas discharge arrestor is to divert the extra current from the hot line to the ground line. If the current goes above an accepted level, the heat caused by a resistance cuts off the current. When there is high voltage, the arrestor finds it and stores it  letting it go slowly. For more information on surge protectors and gas discharge arrestors go to

Half of the computers in the business world have antivirus software that has been disabled or was never installed properly. Viruses and worms take advantage of any openings in software and will be even more damaging if not detected early. Virus can wipe out everything on a computer making it impossible to recover anything lost in the viral attack. For more information go to

Sunday, March 6, 2011

RFID Technology

RFID stands for radio frequency identification and the technology uses radio signals to communicate with a tag which is placed in or attached to an object, animal, or a person. No direct contact is required and it has many uses such as in self-checkout lines at grocery store. RFID technology can be used to track people, animals and objects.

I think when manufacturing plants use RFID technology that it is a positive because the plants can keep track of works in progress and inventory more easily. It can also help reduce defects and different versions of the same product can be managed more easily. It means a smoother running  business environment because it makes the business more efficient. Please see for more information.

I see contactless cards as a negative for society. Contactless cards are standard credit cards with a Radio Frequency Microprocessor embedded in it. Please see  One of the disadvantages of having contactless cards is that they are more exposed than regular credit cards which means that they are easier to get stolen or hacked. I think that people will spend more money with these cards and would quickly be in debt without realizing it. More information is at and at http://www/

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking the book

I chose breaking the book because nobody likes carrying around big books and this trend would eliminate them.and make them digital or electronic. Another reason I chose the trend was because it has happened wirh things like the Kindle which allows you to read the book even if the real physical book is unavailable.

I think it will become  the most popular in 2011 because students would not have to lug big heavy books to class. New technology is already out there and it would not be very difficult to do. Breaking the book is not a  crazy trend which is another reason I think it will catch on.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There is certain material little kids  do not need to see. They should not have access to everything on the internet. Parental locks and blocking the websites entirely for that age group are necessary. Things should be available to age groups but some material should be banned from certain age groups. Their eyes can stay innocent for a little while longer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I hope to get out of CSI 112 this semester

 I hope to learn more about computers and understand them. Computers and technology are changing everyday. I have never blogged before but it seems interesting.